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Unipro stopwatch UniWatch
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Unipro stopwatch UniWatch

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UniWatch stop watch

Unipro has developed the ultimate stop watch, which is both easy to operate and filled with advanced features.

Product details:

UniWatch features

* Timing of up to 4 drivers with up to 9 splits per lap.
* Built-in infrared temperature sensor (for tire and track temperature). Saves the last measurements in the stopwatch, so it's easy to measure all 4 tires before you look at the temperature.
* Print data wireless (IR).
* Transfer data to PC (USB).
* Multi-language user interface.
* Fast and easy to operate.
* Large graphical display.
* Save track names and lenghts in the stop watch.
* Save driver names in the stop watch.

UniWatch is developed and produced by Unipro. It complies to the same high quality standards as our Laptimers and accessories.


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