Unipro Unistop (hand stopwatch)
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Unipro Unistop (hand stopwatch)

Prijs: €159,99

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 UniStop stop watch

UniStop is the right choice when you want an easy to use stop watch with the high quality and elegant design that comes standard with the Unipro products. You can take lap- and split times on up to 4 drivers.

Product details:

UniStop features

* Timing of up to 4 drivers with up to 9 splits per lap.
* Transfer data to PC (USB).
* Multi-language user interface.
* Fast and easy to operate.
* Built-in clock.
* Large graphical display.
* Visual indication of faster/slower times from 3 powerfull LEDs.
* Calculation of theoretical best lap time.
* Includes keystrap.

UniStop is developed and produced by Unipro. It complies to the same high quality standards as our Laptimers and accessories.